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MK Sportscars is a UK brand noted for designing and making lightweight sports cars and kit models. Celebrated for superior handling and performance, they offer a distinct open-top driving experience. They allow the purchase of complete cars or self-assembly kits for car enthusiasts. Their models echo classic sports car designs with a modern engineering twist. A prominent name in the kit car market, MK Sportscars appeals to fans of classic style and modern agility. Their customer base spans both novice builders and experienced car aficionados. Commitment to quality and drivability remains their cornerstone.

Meaning and history

MK Sportscars Logo history

MK Sportscars, a renowned British automotive company, embarked on its journey in the early 2000s. Founded with a passion for high-performance, lightweight sports cars, the company initially focused on crafting kit cars that allowed enthusiasts to build their own custom vehicles. Their philosophy blended the thrill of hands-on car assembly with the pleasure of driving a tailor-made sports car.

The company’s early models were inspired by classic British sports cars, known for their agility and open-top driving experience. These models quickly gained popularity among car enthusiasts who appreciated the blend of traditional design with modern engineering techniques. The use of contemporary materials and technology in the chassis and bodywork enhanced performance without compromising the classic aesthetic.

MK Sportscars expanded its range over the years, introducing new models that catered to a broader audience. These cars featured more advanced aerodynamics, improved suspension systems, and more powerful engine options, offering a more refined driving experience while maintaining the original ethos of the brand.

The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction propelled it to the forefront of the kit car industry. MK Sportscars didn’t just sell cars; it provided an immersive experience, fostering a community of enthusiasts who shared a passion for building and driving unique vehicles.

Throughout its history, MK Sportscars has remained true to its roots, continuously evolving while respecting the legacy of classic sports cars. By combining the charm of vintage designs with cutting-edge technology, the company has carved a niche for itself, standing as a testament to the enduring appeal of the bespoke, handcrafted automobile in the modern era. This unique approach has made MK Sportscars a beloved name among kit car builders and sports car aficionados worldwide.

What is MK Sportscars?
MK Sportscars is a distinguished British automotive brand, specializing in the creation of high-performance kit cars. Renowned for blending classic sports car aesthetics with modern engineering, they offer enthusiasts the unique opportunity to build and customize their own lightweight, agile vehicles, embodying a perfect marriage of tradition and innovation.


MK Sportscars Logo old

The logo features a bold, shield-like emblem, signifying strength and protection. Central to the design is the “MK” monogram, with letters interlocked in a stark, assertive font that suggests both modernity and dynamism. The letters are rendered in solid black, contrasting sharply against the white background, creating a visual impact that is both memorable and commanding. The shield shape is classical, hinting at a heritage of resilience and fortitude, while its sleek lines convey a contemporary edge. This logo is clearly designed to represent a brand with a robust identity, grounded in tradition yet forward-looking, much like the sportscars it symbolizes. It’s a minimalist yet powerful design that encapsulates the essence of the company it represents.


MK Sportscars Logo

This updated logo preserves the shield motif, symbolizing a bastion of performance and reliability. The “MK” monogram dominates the crest, now accompanied by “EST 1997,” indicating the brand’s established history. The design has evolved to include a gradient of gray shades, adding depth and a modern touch to the emblem. Beneath the monogram, stylized lines suggest motion and speed, elements intrinsic to the company’s sports car legacy. The logo’s evolution reflects a bridge between the company’s storied past and its progressive future, maintaining a strong identity while adapting to contemporary aesthetic standards. This blend of history and modernity in the logo parallels the company’s commitment to innovation while honoring its origins.

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