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O.S.C.A. Is the name of a former Italian automaking company, which was established in Bologna in 1947, and existed for almost twenty years, ceasing all operations in 1967. The brand was created by the famous Maserati family, with the idea of producing high-performance racing cars.

Meaning and history

O.S.C.A. was a luxury automotive brand of its times, and the visual identity of one of the Maserati sun brands was a great reflection of its values and style. Modest and elegant, the O.S.C.A. badge could be actual even today, with its classy traditional shapes and contours, and a noble and intense color palette.

The only version of the O.S.C.A. logo was introduced in 1947 and boasted a circular badge with a thick black outline and white lettering on it, and a light-creme inner circle with a sleek heraldic crest in blue-white, and red. The crest was a tribute to Bologna, the motherland of the brand, with its colors evoking a sense of sophistication and professionalism.

As for the lettering on the emblem, the “O.S.C.A.” Was set on the upper part of the wide framing, while the bottom part was taken by the “Fratelli Maserati Bologna” inscription in all capitals. The wordmark was all set in one color but used different typefaces for the two parts.

When placed on the car bonnet, the logo changed its color palette to blue, silver, and red, where red was used only for two crosses on the crest, placed in the middle of the emblem. The black framing turned blue, while all the letters and the bag round of the inner part of the logo were executed in silver. With the glossy surface of the made Liana the brand’s identity looked strong and confident company and the elegance of the lines made it exquisite and fine.

Font and color

O.S.C.A. logo

Both parts of the lettering on the O.S.C.A. circular emblem were set in custom sans-serif typefaces, with the main wordmark using a bold square font with extended contours and distinct strict cuts of the lines, and the tagline in a traditional type with narrowed letters. The contours of the O.S.C.A. part were cut from top and bottom, making the wordmark look unique and memorable. As for the bottom line, it used a very simple style, close to Helvetica, with minimalist shapes and clean lines.

The blue, silver and red color palette of the O.S.C.A. visual identity stands for stability, confidence, and passion of the brand, which is experienced and professional. Silver adds elegance and style, while a red represents energy and progressiveness, and blue balances two colors, reflecting protection and reliability.