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Scripps-Booth was an American automobile company founded in 1913 by James Scripps Booth, a member of the Scripps publishing family. The company initially focused on creating small, stylish cars. Owned by Chevrolet and later fully absorbed by General Motors in 1917, Scripps-Booth specialized in the manufacturing of mid-range automobiles. The operations were primarily based in Detroit, Michigan. After becoming a part of General Motors, the brand was eventually phased out in 1922.

Meaning and history

Scripps-Booth Logo

Scripps-Booth was established in 1913 by James Scripps Booth, who came from the Scripps family known for their publishing empire. The company aimed to produce innovative and stylish vehicles that stood out from the competition. Early models such as the Scripps-Booth “Cyclecar” gained attention for their unique design features like the round radiator grille. During its years of operation, Scripps-Booth was purchased by Chevrolet in 1916 and then became a fully owned subsidiary of General Motors in 1917. Some of its noteworthy accomplishments include the development of cars with unique features and a focus on style and innovation. Despite these efforts, the brand struggled to maintain its position in the competitive auto industry. Eventually, by 1922, General Motors decided to discontinue the Scripps-Booth line.

What is Scripps-Booth?
Scripps-Booth was an American automotive company founded in 1913 by James Scripps Booth. Specializing in mid-range, stylish cars, it was acquired by Chevrolet in 1916 and later fully incorporated into General Motors in 1917. The brand was discontinued in 1922.

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