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Milan Automotive is an Austrian car manufacturer founded by Markus Fux, aiming to redefine luxury sports cars. The company’s inception in Austria marks its mission to craft vehicles like the Milan Red, combining opulent design with formidable performance, tailored for the elite automotive market.

Meaning and history

Milan Automotive, established by Markus Fux in 2017 in Austria, entered the automotive industry with the ambition to craft high-performance supercars. With the unveiling of the Milan Red at the Vienna Autoshow in 2018, the company made a significant mark, presenting a hypercar that combined luxury with formidable speed, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.47 seconds. Despite the potential and accolades for its design and performance, Milan Automotive encountered financial difficulties which impacted its journey in the hypercar market. The company is noted for its dedication to innovation, utilizing advanced materials and technology to push the boundaries of automotive engineering​​​​.

What is Milan Red?
Milan Automotive, hailing from Austria, is a bold entrant into the luxury sports car arena, created by Markus Fux, a visionary with a racing pedigree. Their signature vehicle, the Milan Red, marries the artistry of Italian design with the meticulous engineering of Austrian craftsmanship, standing as a testament to high-performance and exclusivity in the automotive world.

2017 – Today

Milan logo

The logo showcases a stylized, swift swallow in flight, its form captured in two swooping, elegant wings that converge downward. Set against a pristine background, the name “MILAN” is presented in a robust, sans-serif typeface, conveying a sense of strength and modernity. This emblem exudes dynamism and grace, reflecting the essence of a brand synonymous with speed and design sophistication. The bird’s silhouette, poised as if in mid-dive, suggests agility and precision, embodying the spirit of a company that prides itself on performance and aesthetic prowess.