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DeSoto, owned by Walter Chrysler in 1928, was an American automobile company. It operated in the United States and was known for producing stylish and affordable cars.

Meaning and history

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DeSoto, founded by Walter P. Chrysler in 1928, was an American automobile brand. It gained recognition for its innovative features and stylish designs. One of its notable achievements was the introduction of the Airflow model in 1934, which revolutionized automotive aerodynamics. DeSoto also played a significant role in the production of military vehicles during World War II. However, due to various challenges, including fierce competition, the company struggled to maintain its market share. Eventually, DeSoto faced financial difficulties and was discontinued by Chrysler in 1961. Currently, the company does not exist in the automotive industry.

What is DeSoto?
DeSoto was an automobile brand established by Chrysler in 1928. It produced a range of cars until its discontinuation in 1961.