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MW Motors is a Czech automotive company specializing in the production of electric vehicles. Owned by Czech entrepreneur Svatopluk Svoboda, the firm aims to blend timeless design with modern electric car technology. Operating primarily in the Czech Republic and Europe, MW Motors has grabbed attention with its unique vintage-inspired models. The company focuses on creating small-scale, bespoke vehicles like the Luka EV, a lightweight electric car designed for urban driving.

Meaning and history

MW Motors Logo

Founded in 2014 by Czech entrepreneur Svatopluk Svoboda, MW Motors is a boutique carmaker headquartered in the Czech Republic. It specializes in the creation of electric vehicles (EVs) that combine classic aesthetics with the latest in green technology. The company’s most notable achievement is the development of the Luka EV, a lightweight, retro-inspired electric vehicle boasting a range of 300 km on a single charge. The car also received praise for its environmentally friendly approach, using in-wheel hub motors and a chassis made from recycled materials. Currently, MW Motors is expanding its portfolio and working on newer models to meet the rising demand for sustainable, aesthetically pleasing electric cars.

What is MW Motors?
MW Motors is a Czech-based automaker specializing in electric vehicles. Founded in 2014 by Svatopluk Svoboda, the company is known for its Luka EV, a lightweight, retro-styled electric car. MW Motors aims to combine classic design aesthetics with modern sustainable technology.