Metallica Logo

Metallica Logo
In 1981 Lars Ulrich, a drummer, placed an ad in a Los Angeles newspaper, claiming that he’s looking for musicians to form a band that would compete with such legends as Diamond Head and Iron Maiden. The ad worked. That was how Lars Ulrich met James Hetfield and how the story of one of the most successful modern bands started.

Meaning and history

Metallica Logo history

Most of Metallica’s releases use one and the same logo, although there are always new elements, depending on the theme of the album.
The image that can be seen on the cover of the 1988 album Justice For All, for instance, features a fractured statue of Lady Justice. There are several ropes tied around the statue, while the scales are full of dollar bills. The image is supposed to emphasize the message of the album and represent legal injustice. The concept of the emblem was offered by the band’s members James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich and brought to life by Roger and Stephen Gormans.

Death Magnetic symbol

Metallica symbol
Prior to the release of the Death Magnetic album (2008) the Metallica logo was given a facelift. For this job, the band commissioned Turner Duckworth, a London and San Francisco-based design agency known for its collaboration with Coca-Cola and Amazon. The new emblem lookes very similar to the original one, and yet, if you take a closer look, you may notice a couple of differences.

Who created the emblem?

Metallica emblem
Many sources mention James Hetfield, Metallica’s co-founder, the band’s lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and main songwriter, as the author of its logo. In addition to the classic emblem, he is also considered the author of the more recent ones, as well as the ninja star and the scary guy logos. However, some sources point out that Hetfield actually was responsible for the very concept of the emblems, while all the rest was left for professional designers.


Font Metallica Logo
The classic Metallica logo features a customized sans-serif font. Every character is somewhat unusual, yet the most characteristic letters are the first and the last ones. Their shape resembles lightings. In this way, designers emphasized the wild emotions that Metallica’s music radiates. The “T” character also doesn’t look like an average “T” in a book, as the right part of the horizontal bar is longer than the left one. The type is called “Pastor of Muppets”, its author is Ray Larabie.


Color Metallica Logo
Taking into consideration the type of the music Metallica plays, black seems an absolutely natural color choice. In many cases the logo is enhanced by silver and maroon nuances.