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Papa Roach Logo

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Papa Roach is an American rock band founded in 1993 in Vacaville, California by four school mates. In 1994 they already produced their first EP disk and three years later issued a full-scale album, after which the band started gaining popularity across the United States. At the end of 2000, they went on a tour to Great Britain and, later, to Japan, after which the musicians started to become known all over the world. By today, the group has released eight studio-recorded albums and eight mini-albums, which have been sold in more than 20 million copies.

Meaning and history

Papa Roach Logo history

2000 — 2004

Papa Roach Logo 2000

2004 — 2006

Papa Roach Logo 2004

2006 — 2012

Papa Roach Logo 2006

2012 — 2015

Papa Roach Logo 2012

2015 — 2016

Papa Roach Logo 2015

2016 — 2018

Papa Roach Logo 2016

2018 — Today

Papa Roach Logo

Whatever form the band’s logo was given during the relatively long life of Papa Roach, its name that was present in all the versions was its name. This name was given to the band back in 1993, when the musicians, as their soloist Jacoby Shaddix put it in an interview, were “young and dumb”. The young musicians were influenced by many bands they were listening to. As other groups had rather weird names, they decided to name their band accordingly, to match the style of the music that they played at the epoch.

Thus, the choice of the band name is not surprising. Surprising is another fact: it had a piece of the reality behind the story; Roach was the name of Shaddix’s grandfather who as called “Papa Roach” by his family. Other musicians accepted this choice with a philosophic approach having decided that the name had a sense of longevity in it, as “roaches last”.

The first professional version of Papa Roach Logo was used on the labels of their disks from 2000 to 2004. As always, it was just the name of the band written in an industrial-looking font with letters of various dimensions as if painted with a thick brush. There were three variants of the wordmark: white letters on a black background and black or red letters on a white background.

From 2004 to 2012 the band had two logos made with more romantic graphics with a very strong gothic flavour, very close to the commercial font Averby Bla. There were a lot of fancy decorations added to the letters as well as a thin line below the wordmark curved in an intricate pattern.

Papa Roach Logo

In 2012 the wordmark took a high-tech appearance. The letters looked square and the font was close to the commercial Anlinear Std Bold with some changes of the graphics; for instance, the counter of the letters “P” was made like a triangle. In 2015 the logo came back to the romantic style, reminding a bit the version of 2006-2012; but in 2016 the band adopted a new logo reminiscent in style of the 2000 year version but with a much thinner font. The wordmark received a new feature, it was like scratched through with several lines. The current logo was developed in 2018, it’s to a great extent the same as the previous one but stricter, the letters are made all even and there is only one cross-through line, inscribed in the font graphics.