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Stray Kids is the mane of a Korean pop-band, which consists of eight boys. The band was formed in 2017 and released its first album in 2018 and instantly became popular. Stray Kids perform k-pop music style.

Meaning and history

Stray Kids Logo

The Stray Kids is named after the TV show, where the band was formed. It means “lost” or “out of the house” kids.

The band is extremely popular across the globe and has a mix of unique personality and artistic approach, they even have a name for their fans – Stay, which is derived from the group’s name.

The Stray Kids logo was hand-drawn by one of the group’s members, Bang Chan, and it is a sharp and striking wordmark.Stray Kids Logo

The typeface of the nameplate is very similar to the Xtreem font with its confident stylish lines. The color palette of the Stray Kids logo is monochrome, but it always has one colorful detail. The letter “K” is usually red or yellow, depending on the placement.

Stray Kids emblem

The Stray Kids logo is a celebration of progress and passion for music, it is unique and recognizable and the elements of bright color adds a sense of joy and optimism.

It is a simple yet very strong example of a music-band visual identity, that is really modern and stylish, which is surprising for a band where every member is a teenager.