Van Halen Logo

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Van Halen Logo
The “winged” Van Halen logo would have never appeared if the band had not had a violent conflict with its record company.

Meaning and history

Van Halen Logo history

Not long before the release of their debut album in 1978, Warner Brothers Records showed the band members the artwork that was to appear on the album’s cover. All the band members, as well as Marshall Berle, their manager, were incredibly disappointed with it.
In first place, the jagged, abrasive-looking font made the album look as if it belonged to punk rock. Warner Brothers did this on purpose, so as to create the impression that the band belongs to this commercially successful movement. Also, the photo of the band left much to be desired. For instance, the lead singer was at the rear, while the drummer held the most prominent position.


Emblem Van Halen
The band members were strongly opposed to the album cover and had a row with their record company. A new one was introduced soon. It featured four individual photos made by Elliot Gilbert with the now-iconic logotype in the center.
The logo was created by designer Dave Bhang. It featured the band’s initials with “wings”. One of the reasons why the band members liked it much more than the previous version was that the Bhang’s logo made it clear they had nothing to do with the punk movement.
Surprisingly enough, the “punk rock” emblem was still introduced to the audience. It could be seen on the “Looney Tunes” red-vinyl promotional EP. The band insisted that the album with this cover should not be sold, so the record company eventually had to scrap it.
One more surprising fact was that the iconic winged logo was placed at a prominent position only on the first two albums.

Symbol after 1986

Van Halen symbol
The beginning of the Sammy Hagar era was marked by an updated logo. The lines of the letters were extended so as to form a ring.
In March 2007, when it was announced that Eddie Van Halen was in rehab, the logo at the band’s website was changed to the original one that debuted in 1978.


Font Van Halen Logo
None of the letters belong to an existing font. Both of them were created from scratch for the Van Halen band.


Color Van Halen Logo
The combination of dark and light shades of grey make the Van Halen logo look as if it was made of metal.