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Rammstein is a German Rock-band, which was created in 1994 in Berlin. It is one of the most well-known and controversial groups in history, which albums and concerts were banned in some countries because of provocative lyrics.

Meaning and history

Rammstein Logo history

Rammstein is one of the bands, which once found its perfect symbol, do not end to change it or look for something new. It can be seen in their music and style, and also in their visual identity design, which was introduced in 1995 and by today only gained some additional lines, which do not change the mood, but only elevate the whole look of the logo.

1995 — 2004

Rammstein Logo-1995

The original logo for the German rock-band was created in 1995. The logo was composed of just a black inscription in a custom geometric typeface, where each of the letters is massive and strong. The thick rectangular lines of the logotype make all symbols look alike, except for “S”, which repeats the shape of “Z” and the letter “T”, drawn as a bold square cross. The middle horizontal bar of the letter “E” is thin and has its pointed end slightly curved to the top, resembling a snake’s tongue and evoking a sense of danger.

2004 — Today

Rammstein Logo

The redesign of 2004 added an emblem to the iconic Rammstein logotype. It is a symbol, which repeats the shape of the “T” in the wordmark, forming it with the contoured letter “R” overlapping the “T”. The outline of the emblem is composed of several straight thick lines placed with small spaces from each other.Rammstein emblem

The emblem gave a needed balance between massive letters and white figures, making the whole logo harmonized and extremely masculine.