Rammstein Logo

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Rammstein logo
Rammstein is a German Rock-band, which was created in 1994 in Berlin. It is one of the most well-known and controversial groups in history, which albums and concerts were banned in some countries because of provocative lyrics.

Meaning and history

Rammstein Logo history

The band is named after the town of Ramstein in Germany, where a terrible air disaster accrued in 1988. The second “M” is added to the name in order to give it a second meaning, as “Rammstein” translated from German as “a ramming stone”.
The famous logo of the scandalous band first appeared in 2001and remained almost unchanged by today. The custom typeface of the logotype and an emblem were designed by Dirk Rudolph. During the years only the thickness of the lettering was slightly modified.
The Rammstein logo is composed of a wordmark and an instantly recognizable emblem. The emblem features a silhouette of the letter “R” layered over a cross-like “T”. Both letters are bold and thick, with straight lines and angular forms.
Rammstein emblem
The custom typeface of the Rammstein wordmark also features strict and bold lines and sharp angles of the letters. The letter “T” is represented by a symmetric cross. The nameplate is written in all capital letters and has no spaces inside “R” and “A”, which makes these two letters very similar.
The Rammstein logo is very powerful and brutal. It shows the band’s rebellious and controversial image, its strong beliefs and values.
The monochrome palette adds power and authority to the Rammstein visual identity, evoking a sense of energy and stability.