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Avicii is the stage name of Tim Bergling, a late Swedish DJ, musician, and songwriter. The interplay of the triangle-based “A” and “V” always stayed the focal point of the Avicii logo. However, the way the logo looked was modified more than once.

Meaning and history

Avicii Logo history


Avicii Logo-2008

Bergling was born in 1989 and started making music at the age of 16. Following several songs posted on electronic music forums, he released “Seek Bromance” in 2010, which made him truly popular – the song reached the top 20 in quite a few countries. By this moment, he was already performing using a logo that looked very much like the latest one.

This logo featured the word “Avicii” in an all-caps sans serif type. Its most notable feature was that the first two letters, the “A” and “V,” looked the same, except the rotation. It was possible because the authors of the image dropped the middle bar in the “A.”

Moreover, in a way, these letters reminded the “play” button, which added some meaning by creating a link with music.

Another visual effect that made the design unique and appealing was the rhythm created by the repeating “I’s.” In fact, these letters also looked like part of the board of any device used for playing music.

According to Bergling, his name meant “the lowest level of Buddhist hell.” Yet, we can suppose that not only the meaning but also the way the name looked played an important part in his choice.


Avicii Logo-2011

This is when Bergling’s best-known emblem was introduced. On the one hand, it was a purely graphic logo. There were two white isosceles triangles on the black background. The triangles were identical but positioned in a different way, which made them look like two parts of a parallelepiped separated by a gap.

In addition to the sleek and stylish look, the emblem had a meaning, which was easily deciphered by anyone familiar with the name of the musician. The two triangles symbolized the first two letters of his moniker and also represented the “play” button (or other buttons used for moving through a piece of music).

While this emblem was sometimes used on its own, it was also often paired with the lettering “Avicii.” The lettering was added to explain the logo to those who were not familiar with the musician.


Avicii Logo

The original Avicii logo had quite soft corners, which did not fit the sharp triangular emblem. So, the musician opted for a wordmark with more dramatic ends, which better merged with the “AV” emblem.