Pink Floyd Logo

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Pink Floyd Logo
Pink Floyd had a string of logos, as the band refreshed its visual identity every time a new album was released. Each emblem expresses the band’s unique DNA in its own way.

Meaning and history

Pink Floyd Logo history

The history of Pink Floyd dates back to 1963, when Roger Waters met Nick Mason. Yet, in fact it was only in 1965 that they first referred to themselves as the Pink Floyd Sound.

Author of symbol

pink floyd symbolStorm Elvin Thorgerson, who created the album cover for the album “The Dark Side of the Moon,” was a UK graphic designer specializing in music album covers. Also, he was known as a music video director. Apart from the Pink Floyd symbol for “The Dark Side of the Moon,” he created the cover for its follow-up, “Wish You Were Here.”

The Division Bell symbol

Division Bell symbol
Shortly before the release of the Division Bell album, a very interesting logo was created. The symbol nicknamed Boatman can be interpreted as a large “P” and an “F” turned upside down. However, there is also a symbolic meaning: the emblem is supposed to represent a man rowing a canoe.

The Dark Side of the Moon emblem

emblem Pink Floyd
The image depicted light passing through a prism. Storm Thorgerson, who designed this Pink Floyd logo, pointed out that he wanted to create a link with Pink Floyd’s live shows, well-known for their lighting, and also to include such ideas as ambition and madness, which were characteristic to Roger Waters’s lyrics.


Font Pink Floyd Logo
There are not less than three versions of the Pink Floyd insignia, each having a unique custom typeface.


Color Pink Floyd Logo
Colors most often used in the Pink Floyd logo include black, white, and pink.