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The South Korean boy band BTS has an interesting approach to branding. In 2017, they added one more interpretation of their name and a new logo with a deeper symbolic meaning.

What does the BTS name stand for?
The name of the popular Korean boys’ band, BTS, originally stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan, which can be translated into English as “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”, and according to the band members, “It signifies deflecting stereotypes, criticisms, and expectations like bullets”, as the word “Bangtan” literally means “bulletproof”.

Meaning and history

BTS Logo history
Big Hit Entertainment started selecting the future band members in 2010, but the band actually debuted only in 2013. It did publish its song covers on YouTube and SoundCloud, though, over the 6 months before the debut date.
bts new logo
The first album called 2 Cool 4 Skool sold more than 105,000 copies, yet none of its songs gained the status of a major hit. Real commercial success came to the band in 2015, when their single “For You” got to the top on Oricon’s daily chart. Quite a few critics point out that some of the Bangtan Boys’ success can be partly explained by the fact that they co-write and produce many of their singles.

In 2018 the Twitter microblog of the Korean boys’ band gained 12 million, which made their account the most popular in the world. Among the subscribers of BTS are not only young female fans but also world celebrities and even Hollywood stars.  

The popularity of the Korean boys-band got them an invitation to attend a UN meeting where BTS gave a speech about the necessity to stop the violence. The only English-speaking member of the band made a great impression on the audience with the speech about his personal experience. Later, all the band members appeared on the cover of Time, and the president of Korea mentioned them in his annual address.

In February 2019, BTS attended the Grammy Music Awards, becoming the first Korean band in the history of the event.

BTS is the clearest example of the incredible popularity of k-pop culture in the world. 

2013 – 2016

BTS Logo-2013

The original design was pretty cluttered. You could see a bulletproof vest with plenty of useful details and the lettering “BTS” on the chest. There was also a lightning bolt on each side.

That was a very literate emblem, directly depicting the “Bulletproof” name of the band, which stayed with BTS for almost three years. Despite its complicity, the badge didn’t look too heavy or overwhelming, due to the monochrome execution and sharp rays around the perimeter. 


BTS Logo-2016

The emblem, which looked completely different from its predecessor, featured four circles, each with a different pattern. The word “Wings” in black could be seen below.

The four circles also look like four bullet bottoms or bullet marks, and the different patterns of each circle show the diversity of music and styles the band represents. It was a very bold and progressive badge, which perfectly matched both the band’s name and their music.


BTS Logo-2017

The four circles with patterns were replaced by four empty ellipses with blue trim. One side of each ellipse overlapped with the other ellipses.

The four circles with patterns were replaced by four empty ellipses with blue trim. One side of each ellipse overlapped with the other ellipses.

2017 – now

BTS Logo

In the summer of 2017, the band unveiled a new logotype and – what was really unusual and groundbreaking – a new interpretation of the existing name. Now, BTS is supposed to mean “Beyond The Scene.” According to the official explanation, the new name was a nod to their loyal A.R.M.Y. members. The mission of the logo was to “protect youths from prejudice” and encourage young people to pursue their dreams instead of getting used to the reality they find off-putting.

In the language of images, the BTS logo means ARMY meeting BTS at the doors. Or, as the BTS official Twitter put it, “us and army becoming one together.” The logo actually comprises two parts: “The ARMY” (two trapezoids symbolizing the doors half-open outside) and “BTS” (two trapezoids representing the doors half-open inside). The ARMY half is placed over the BTS half to form a single logotype, which also looks like parts of a door. The inverted word “ARMY” is put at the top of the logo, while the lettering “BTS” is placed below. The emblem is silver on the black background.

bts logo

Who designed the emblem?

bts emblem

According to the Big Hit Entertainment press release, the visual identity was being developed by Korea’s top design consulting firm (although the band doesn’t disclose its name). The process, which took almost a year, included the collaboration of BigHit’s staff and the band’s members, research and focus group interviews. The statement also claims the wishes of the fans were taken into consideration.


Font BTS logo

From the first glance, the typeface featured in the BTS logo is a traditional sans serif one without any unique features. If you take a closer look, though, you may notice the slashed ends on the “T” as well as the soft lines of the “B” and “S.” On the whole, the font used in the new logo isn’t as brutal as the previous one.

What is the meaning of the BTS logo?
The logo of the k-pop boys band BTS, introduced in 2017, represents the new identity of the k-pop musicians, which was explained as “Behind The Stage”. The two vertical elements in solid black look like the backstage, and the thin negative space between them is a hint of a mystery.

Why did BTS change its logo?
BTS changed its logo in 2017 to represent the new idea, standing behind the name of the band, and showing its evolution and progressive movement. The transmission of the “Bulletproof Scouts” to “Behind the Stage” was accompanied by a change of the graphical composition in its visual identity.

What is the real logo of BTS?
The official BTS badge is composed of a minimalistic geometric emblem, complemented by a simple yet stable uppercase sans-serif lettering, placed under it. The emblem consists of two mirrored trapezoids, white isblue-laced face-to-face; with narrow sides in the middle. The image is made up of geometric figures. Resembles a shield, and deciphers the name of the band as the “Bulletproof Scouts”.

What does the name of the k-pop band BTS stand for?
The name of the most famous Korean boyband, BTS, is an abbreviation standing for “Bangtan Sonyeondan”, the hitch can be translated from Korean like “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”. It represents the philosophy and main values of the famous boys-band.



What does the name of the most popular k-pop boys band BTS mean?