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Three Days Grace is the name of a rock band from Norwood, Canada. It works in the genre of alternative metal and post grange. Having been founded in 1992 under the name of “Groundswell” the group received its current name in 1997.  Already in 2003, the group released its self-titled album “Three Days Grace” which was such a success that received the platinum status. The band became a significant event in the musical life of Canada and repeatedly occupied the first lines of hits lists. By now the musicians have sold six studio-recorded albums.

Meaning and history


Three days grace logo 2003

The band’s first logo appeared in 2003 on the cover of their first self-titled album. It represented simply the band’s name, written in a stylized font commonly used in horror movies titles. In the middle of the wordmark, there was an emblem. It represented a circle with three vertical stripes as if left by claws of a beast. This thrilled twist was a tribute to the traditions of the heavy metal style incorporated in the band’s music in the early period. The band guitarist, Adam Gontier, talking about the meaning of the group’s name, said that it was linked to the sense of urgency and responsibility. It’s about deciding what you could do if you had just three days left to make an important change in your life.


Three Days Grace Logo

In 2006, with the new album “One-X”, the logo was changed. The emblem circle disappeared and the wordmark got a new font very close to the commercial Crewekerne Magna Expanded Bold with a stronger flavour of magic and romanticism. It was a reflection of a new, more romantic style which dominated in several songs included in the album by Gontier. As he mentioned to a journalist, this album had a more personal meaning to him. He had worked on these songs while being in a rehabilitation centre in which he had been treated for drug addiction.


Three Days Grace Logo