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Fans of rock music still remember the Grateful Dead and their iconic symbols. They were artwork for the covers of their albums or concert posters, but some of them have become recognizable logos.

Grateful Dead Logo

Meaning and history


Grateful Dead Logo history

Among the band’s symbols there is one that stands out even today. It is the Steal Your Face skull symbol. The drawing of a circle with a human skull and a lightning bolt appeared in 1969. The band took part in a lot of concerts, so there was a need for some emblem to identify their equipment in backstage areas. The band’s sound engineer Owsley Stanley was once inspired by a dual-colored freeway sign. He shared his ideas with the graphic designer Bob Thomas. Shortly after that the Grateful Dead logo appeared.

Grateful Dead logo

The Grateful Dead logo is in red and blue (alternating on the sides) and white. The lightning bolt has 13 points. There are opinions that they represent either the original American colonies or the process to creating LSD which consists of 13 steps. As for the bolt, it may signify enlightenment and transformation through the band’s music.

grateful dead emblem

As the symbol is on the cover of the album Steal Your Face, it is often referred to as the Steal Your Face skull emblem and the skull is called Stealie.