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Iron Maiden is a popular British new wave heavy metal band originating in 1975 and boasting a sale of more than 85 million records in different parts of the globe. The Iron Maiden logo is as iconic as the band itself.Iron Maiden Logo

Meaning and history

Iron Maiden Logo history

The Iron Maiden logo is the band’s name written in an iconic font, which puts the logo on the list of the catchiest and most recognizable ones in the world. The first logo was created by Denis Wilcocks, manager at Crowes Art Studio, in 1977.  The current logo was designed by Steve Harris, the bassist.

1980 — 1998

Iron Maiden Logo 1980
The original logo for the iconic metal band was designed in 1980 and hasn’t changed much since that time. It was a red logotype outline in white and black, with its letters drawn in thick lines, sharp edges, and tails of some letters elongated and cut diagonally, evoking even a sharper sense.

1998 — 2015

Iron Maiden Logo 1998
The elongated tails of the letters were cut in 1998, and the Iron Maiden logotype started looking neater and calmer, though still had a lot of power and passion in it, brilliantly reflecting the music genre of the band and its character. The color palette remained completely untouched.

2015 — Today

Iron Maiden logo
In 2015 Iron Maiden decides to come back to its original logotype, with the sharptails of “R”, “N”, and “M”. The logo is absolutely the same, but the color palette gets elevated and now the new darker shade of red is used by the band. The bloody red makes the whole logo look different and more dangerous and powerful.


Symbol Iron Maiden Logo

The Iron Maiden logo is has pretty much extended beyond the band itself, and in the minds of many rock fans it is associated with the rock genre itself.


Emblem Iron Maiden Logo

Over the band’s history, it has grown so popular that there is hardly a category of consumer goods where the logo was not used. It appears on T-shirts, jackets, caps, belts, bags, packages, etc.


Iron Maiden Font

The Iron Maiden logo uses a font called ‘Metal Lord’, which pretty much reflects the otherworldly drive and vigor of heavy metal music. The logo appears on all albums ever released by the band, as well as on numerous pieces of rock and heavy metal paraphernalia.


Color Iron Maiden Logo

The Iron Maiden logo is the band’s name written in red caps outlined in white on a black background. The three colors complement the band’s style and attitude. Black expresses elegance, dominance, and integrity; red stands for passion and brevity; white symbolizes perfection and purity.