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Spyros Panopoulos is an automotive designer and entrepreneur from Greece, known for founding Spyros Panopoulos Automotive (SPA). He gained recognition for creating the “Chaos”, touted as the world’s first “Ultra Car”. This term surpasses “Hyper Car” in exclusivity and performance. The Chaos was designed and built in Greece, showcasing advanced technology and unprecedented speed capabilities. It represents a blend of engineering prowess and luxury, aiming to redefine the limits of automotive performance and design. Panopoulos’ work symbolizes innovation in the high-end car industry.

Meaning and history

Spyros Panopoulos Automotive (SPA), spearheaded by Spyros Panopoulos, a pioneer in the automotive industry, has been shaping the landscape of luxury vehicles for over two decades. The company’s journey began with a strong foundation in automotive innovation and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of vehicle performance and design.

SPA stands out for its pioneering stance in automotive design, most notably with the “Chaos” ultra-car, a vehicle that reshapes our understanding of high-performance engineering. This flagship model proves SPA’s commitment to merging avant-garde technology with groundbreaking design principles like Anadiaplasis, which relies on the innovative process of additive manufacturing.

Beyond just crafting luxury vehicles, SPA’s vision extends to the frontiers of sustainability and efficiency. This is evident in their ventures like the Zion Hydrogen Supercar and the Cubicle-EV, which are SPA’s bids to redefine the trajectory of transportation, leaning into a future where mobility is both advanced and eco-conscious. This holistic approach towards innovation, luxury, and sustainability positions SPA as a distinguished name in the global automotive arena.

What is Spyros Panopoulos?
Innovating in the automotive industry, Spyros Panopoulos established the notable Spyros Panopoulos Automotive (SPA), pioneering the industry with his company. Celebrations follow him for driving the development of “Chaos”, the ultra-car that redefined high-performance vehicles with its trailblazing technology and design. His work embodies advanced engineering, luxury, and a progressive vision for mobility’s future.


Spyros Panopoulos logo

The logo features a stylized “S” that elegantly curves to resemble a serpentine road, symbolizing movement and the path less traveled. Its golden hue exudes luxury and quality, indicative of the company’s premium positioning in the automotive market. The checkered flag detail at the end of the “S” subtly nods to racing heritage and performance excellence. “PANOPOULOS AUTOMOTIVE” is spelled out in a sleek, modern font, asserting the brand’s forward-looking approach and precision engineering.

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