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Marlin is the name of a British automaking brand, which was established in 1979 and specialized in the design and production of sports cars. The brand is known for its retro-style roadsters but also has a contemporary racing 5EXi model in its portfolio, which is built on the base of the Honda Civic engine.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of Marlin Sportscars was changed just once, though the old logo of the brand can still be seen on some of the models, produced by the company today.

The initial emblem of the British automotive brand featured a Union Jack flag in its original color palette, underlined by a white horizontally stretched rectangular with the “Marlin” inscription on it. The lettering was set in the uppercase and used a dark blue color, just like the one used on the flag. This retro-inspired logo was very patriotic and touching, and it also looked balanced placed on the bonnets of the Marlin cars, with smooth lines and sleek shapes.

After the redesign, the Marlon logo became more distinct and eye-catching: the new visual identity concept of the brand included bold cursive lettering, which could be seen in scarlet-red or silver, and the image of the Marlin swordfish, arched above the inscription. On the printable version of the logo, the first was drawn in white and outline sun black with delicate black details on its head and spine. When placed on the car of the brand, the fish turned silver, and got a bit enlarged, balancing the emboldened silver wordmark, which was set slightly diagonally.

Font and color

Marlin logo

The Marlin lettering is executed in a custom handwritten typeface, which is very difficult to compare to any of the existing commercial fonts, though it has a slight resemblance to Mr. Stalwart Pro font if its lines would be modified and emboldened.

The official color palette of the Marlin visual identity consists of red and black for the lettering and white and black for the graphical part. The combination of these three colors is one of the most powerful and bright representations of style, courage, and determination. The red here stands for passion and love, it also points to the company’s courage and progressive approach, while white is a color of loyalty, protection, and reliability, and thin black details frame the whole structure into professionalism and confidence.