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Lister Motor Company is a British manufacturer of high-performance sports cars and racing cars. Currently owned by Lawrence Whittaker’s company, Warrantywise, Lister focuses on building limited-edition variants of Jaguar models. The company operates mainly in the United Kingdom, with its headquarters in Cambridge. Lister made a name for itself in motorsports, especially during the 1950s and 60s. Today, it continues to capture attention with its finely-crafted vehicles like the Lister Thunder and the Lister LFT-666.

Meaning and history

Lister Motor Company Logo history

Lister Motor Company, founded by Brian Lister in 1954, is a British automotive company renowned for its high-performance sports and racing cars. During its early years, the company excelled in motorsports, particularly with the Lister-Jaguar, achieving various wins at national and international levels. Lister also gained fame in the 1950s for their “Knobbly” sports racers that made a significant impact in various competitions.

The company saw several changes in ownership and direction over the years. Revived under the guidance of Lawrence Whittaker and his company, Warrantywise, Lister has made a comeback in the modern automotive scene. With its operations centralized in Cambridge, UK, Lister has ventured into producing limited-edition variants of Jaguar models, like the Lister LFT-666 and the Lister Thunder, garnering critical acclaim.

As of now, the company continues to hold a prestigious position in the automotive world, providing bespoke, high-performance vehicles to a discerning clientele, while also engaging in projects that hark back to its racing heritage.

What is Lister Motor Company?
Lister Motor Company is a British automotive manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports and racing cars. Founded in 1954 by Brian Lister, the company gained prominence in the 1950s through its motorsports successes. Currently, it focuses on limited-edition variants of Jaguar models, operating mainly from its headquarters in Cambridge, UK.

1954 – 2013

Lister Motor Company Logo 1954

A round emblem with a light yellow center and a pleasant wide green border formed the basis of the logo. The center portion featured a three-wing fan, which was done in golden and referenced a fan in the automobile system. The golden color was also used to outline the green border, but it was most notable in the inscriptions. The company name curved across the top of the border, while the bottom had “Cambridge”, which is the location of the headquarters, printed using the same font. When it comes to font choice, the designers went for a classic serif font that enhanced the sophisticated look of the emblem that the golden color created.

2013 – 2018

Lister Motor Company Logo 2013

Although the company continued to use a round emblem, it was completely redone. The center featured a more saturated yellow color with three machete placed diagonally one next to each other. The green color also got brighter and now had a gray outline that matched the color of the machete. The upper left portion of the border had “Lister” printed using a geometric, sans-serif font with fine strokes of a gray color. The full name was also featured underneath the emblem in black using all uppercase letters. The font used for this inscription looks similar to Design System E 900R.

2018 – now

Lister Motor Company Logo

This logo is based on the previous version and this time, the designers gave it more volume and shine. The gray color turned into metallic silver, while both the green and yellow acquired gradients that created a feeling of depth. The three machetes were now placed straight with the center one being slightly enlarged. The name of the company was also not left without attention. The inscription underneath the round emblem was removed as the designers placed more accent on the name printed on the border. It was now done in white and featured bolder strokes, which made the letters stand out more.

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