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Westfield Sportscars, a British automobile manufacturer, was founded by Chris Smith in Kingswinford, England. Known for producing lightweight, high-performance kit cars, Westfield specializes in replicating the iconic Lotus Seven. These vehicles, beloved by enthusiasts for their agility and classic design, are often used in amateur racing and leisure driving. The brand emphasizes a DIY spirit, allowing owners to build their cars from kits, catering to the bespoke preferences of motoring aficionados.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1983, Westfield Sportscars embarked on its journey in the automotive world. Smith’s passion for the iconic Lotus Seven spurred him to create his own rendition, leading to the birth of Westfield’s first vehicle. This initial model mirrored the Seven’s classic design but incorporated distinct modifications, setting Westfield apart.

As the company evolved, it emphasized DIY kit cars, enabling customers to assemble their own vehicles. This approach attracted a dedicated community of motor enthusiasts, who appreciated the blend of classic design and personal customization. Westfield cars quickly became known for their lightweight construction and exceptional performance, making them favorites in amateur racing circuits and among driving purists.

Throughout the years, Westfield expanded its range, introducing models like the Sport 2000, catering to a broader audience while maintaining the brand’s core philosophy of performance and customization. The company’s commitment to innovation led to the exploration of new technologies, including electric vehicles.

Westfield’s journey reflects a dedication to preserving the spirit of classic sports cars while adapting to modern demands, maintaining a unique position in the automotive world as a bridge between past and future driving experiences.

What is Westfield Sportscars?
Westfield Sportscars, established in the UK by Chris Smith in 1983, stands out in the automotive realm for crafting kit-based, lightweight sports cars. Echoing the essence of the iconic Lotus Seven, Westfield blends traditional design with modern performance, offering enthusiasts a distinctive, hands-on driving and building experience.

1990 – 2022

Westfield logo

The logo in radiates a sense of industrious heritage with its striking black and white contrast. A sunrise motif, reminiscent of classic British emblems, crowns the design, hinting at a new dawn in automotive innovation. The name “WESTFIELD” is boldly inscribed in an authoritative, all-caps font, evoking a sense of robustness and reliability. The encompassing circle suggests unity and completeness, reflecting the brand’s comprehensive approach to car manufacturing. The overall design is a nod to both tradition and forward motion.