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Dina is the name of a Mexican automaking company, which was created in 1921 and stayed governmental until its acquisition by Grupo Empresarial G in 1989. The brand specializes in the production of buses and is known for many collaborative projects with the world’s largest automotive labels.

Meaning and history

Dina is a powerful brand with a very good reputation not only in its country but across the globe. And the visual identity of the Mexican automaker is a minimalist yet bold representation of strength, determination, and professionalism.

The Dina logo is based on a bold red inscription, with two diagonal white stripes coming through the letter “D”. The stripes symbolize the road and evoke a sense of speed and motion, while the thickness of the letters and merged “N” and “A” stands for stability and seriousness.

For some occasions the red logo of the brand can be accompanied by a black handwritten “Tecnologia que transporta Tu Vida” with a smooth green and turquoise underline, emboldening to the right. These additional elements make the logo of the brand look fresher and friendlier, adding a playful mood to the stable and bright logotype.

The slant of the lettering also balances the mood and boldness of the lines. Being slightly italicized, the Dina wordmark becomes more vivid and modern, showing the brand as the one that cares about the comfort and safety of its customers, and values quality in everything.

Font and color

Dina logo

The bold italicized Dina logotype is executed in a modern and massive sans-serif typeface, with each letter stable and strong. The type of the company’s visual identity is very similar to such fonts as Sequel 100 Black and Tipemite Oblique, but with the “D” stylized and the lines of other letters slightly modified.

As for the color palette of the Medina automaker’s visual identity, it is built on the bright red color, with an addition of white details. This combination symbolizes passion and determination, along with power, reputation, and expertise. When used with the tagline, the logo extends its color palette with black, green, and turquoise, where black is for professionalism, green for growth, and turquoise — for comfort and reliability.