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LeapMotor was founded in 2015 by Chinese entrepreneur Zhu Jianming. He managed to attract more than 325 million euros of investment in the construction of a factory specialized for the mass production of electric cars. The brand’s first product is the LP-S01 electric coupe.

Meaning and history

LeapMotor was organized in 2015 by Chinese entrepreneur Zhu Jianmin, who spent 380 million USD to create and launch the production process. Already two years later, in 2017, the startup showed a prototype of a small electric coupe, and after another 2 years, in June 2019, it was already being mass-produced under the name LeapMotor S01. The coupe turned out to have a sporty character, was affordable, and featured compact dimensions: the body length was only 4 meters.

But a year earlier, in June 2018, at CES Asia, the company unveiled the Lingxin 01 artificial intelligence processor, the result of a joint development between LeapMotor and Dahua Technology. The artificial intelligence is designed for autonomous vehicles and has self-learning capabilities. The technology was tested in 2019 and today it is already being installed stateside on the brand’s vehicles. In addition, the company develops and manufactures other proprietary components, including electric traction motors or LED lighting.

As for the current LeapMotor lineup, is represented by three models: the LeapMotor C11 SUV, the LeapMotor C01 sedan, and the LeapMotor T03 city car. LeapMotor sales in China are doing relatively well, with over 14,000 units sold in August this year alone. Within two years, LeapMotor plans to enter international markets with five models. One of them is the C10 SUV.

In May 2020, LeapMotor and state-owned Chinese automaker FAW announced a strategic partnership to jointly develop smart electric vehicles: together it is cheaper to research, develop and manufacture.

The LeapMotor C10 is an all-electric mid-size SUV, previously known by the codename B11. The vehicle has a flowing shape, a small roof spoiler, and a closed front end. Other exterior design features of the LeapMotor C10 include an active air intake, small side view mirrors, 245/50 R20 wheels, and a single taillight running across the entire rear of the vehicle.

What is LeapMotor?
LeapMotor is the name of a Chinese automobile manufacturer headquartered in Hangzhou, China, specializing in the development of electric vehicles. The company was registered in 2015, and already in 2017, it has introduced its first car model, which is now on hold.

In terms of visual identity, LeapMotor is a very brutal and modern brand, which emphasizes quality with each detail of its logo. The minimalistic geometric badge of the company looks very progressive and confident.

2015 – Today

LeapMotor Logo

The LeapMotor logo is composed of a graphical part and a stylized lettering, both set in flat black on a white background. The emblem is drawn in the shape of a hexagon, with the upper left part of the figure cut out. The geometric shield is formed by two stylized letters — “L” and “P”, with the bottom bars expanded. As for the inscription part, it is executed in a clean and distinctive sans-serif typeface with minimum elements, and with the removed horizontal bar of the “A”.

Font and color

LeapMotor Emblem

The stable uppercase lettering from the primary logo of the LeapMotor brand is set in a classy and progressive geometric sans-serif typeface, which looks pretty close to such fonts as TT Lakes Neue Expanded DemiBold, or Protrakt Variable Bold-Exp-One, with some small modifications of the characters’ contours.

As for the color palette of the LeapMotor visual identity, it uses the black-and-white combination, which today is the most popular among international innovative automaking brands. This scheme makes the company look confident, progressive, and elegant.

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