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The Las Vegas Aviators are a Minor League Baseball team. For many years, the Stars and later 51s were the only professional team in the city of Las Vegas. The city’s oldest squad, which got a new name, Aviators, relatively recently, is proud to have many future MLB stars play for it before they got more fame. The names include Pete Alonso, Roberto Alomar, Tony Gwynn, and Ozzie Guillen.

Meaning and History

Las Vegas Aviators Logo history

The Las Vegas Aviators were originally known as Stars. The Stars were replaced by 51s in 2001. The Stars’ success in their first season and their long-lasting influence on bringing professional baseball to Las Vegas led to their induction into the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame in 2007. The name Aviators appeared relatively recently in 2019. The owner of the team wanted to honor the company’s namesake. Howard. R. Hughes was not only a businessman but also a person who was passionate about aviation and brought a lot of innovations and accomplishments to this sphere. The name change coincided with the team’s move from Cashman to the new Las Vegas Ballpark.

What is Las Vegas Aviators?
A baseball team known as the Las Vegas Aviators belongs to the Triple-A Affiliated of the Oakland A’s. Spruce the Goose and the Aviator are the mascots of the Aviator’s sports team.

2019 – 2022

Las Vegas Aviators Logo 2019

Their logo features a sunset in their home city and a mountain range reflected on the helmet of the Aviator. The head of an Aviator with “Las Vegas Aviators” above looks mesmerizing and supernatural at the same time. His facial features are almost statue-like with contrasting deep blue and gray colors. The designer chose a bold font with sharp cuts and the addition of pointed serifs.  The letters are italicized and done in the same dark blue as the Aviator. The inscription looks futuristic, just like the team’s mascot.

2023 – Today

Las Vegas Aviators Logo

This version looks a lot more appropriate for a sports team as it includes the actual sports elements. The team did not forget about the Aviator and added wings to the logo. Its design resembles that of many other well-known sports teams. The sunset and mountain range on the initials as well as the same color palette connected the different versions of the logo. In addition, the designer used the same font as in the earlier version, which further created an association with the previous logo even though the two are completely different. The redesign was very successful and made the team look professional and well-established.

Font and Color

Las Vegas Aviators Emblem

The color palette of both logos created an energizing and powerful image. It was mainly achieved through the use of orange and yellow shades, although dark blue has a hint of authority and confidence. The designers were able to create an image of a strong and optimistic team although it is relatively young. Having a logo that looks so impressive from the very start is a great way to set a good name for oneself.

Both logo versions use the same bold, geometric font. The letters are italicized to add a feeling of movement. To enhance this impression, some of the letters got pointed serifs on the left side. The overall look of the inscription was a perfect match for the image of the Aviator that accompanied it.

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