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Although the tiger has been the highlight of the Detroit Tigers logo for almost half a century since 1957, the team eventually got rid of it.

Meaning and History logo

Detroit Tigers Logo history

The team spent is first season (1901/02) with a logotype depicting a red tiger with a blue outline. In 1903 a simple capital “D” was adopted, but the following season it was replaced by a more intricate “D”resembling and old English letter. Over the following 53 years the designers elaborated on the same old English letter, experimenting with shapes and proportions. The only exception was the 1926/27 season, when the tiger’s muzzle appeared on the emblem.


Detroit Tigers symbol
The tiger’s muzzle returned to the Detroit Tigers symbol in 1957. In four years, it was put inside a circle. The 1964 redesign resulted in a modified tiger’s face and the introduction of a new shade of blue.


Detroit Tigers emblem
In 1994 an attempt was made to combine the old English “D” with the tiger. The logo lasted until 2006, when the animal disappeared from it. The current logo, which looks sharper and edgier than its predecessors, was adopted in 2016.


Font Detroit Tigers Logo
The Detroit Tigers logo features a typeface resembling an old English one.


Color logo Detroit Tigers
While the official colors of the Detroit Tigers team are midnight navy blue, orange, and white, the logo features only the blue and the white. Orange disappeared from the emblem together with the tiger.