Louisville Bats Logo

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Louisville Bats LogoSince 2002, the Minor League Baseball team Louisville Bats has had two logotypes. Both based on a depiction of a bat, they differed dramatically in their shape and color palette.

Meaning and History logo

Louisville Bats Logo history

The club is currently the Triple-A affiliate of the Major League’s Cincinnati Reds. The starting point in the team’s history was probably when in 1982 the Redbirds club relocated from Springfield, Illinois to Louisville and was renamed the Louisville Redbirds. In 1998, the team was renamed Louisville RiverBats, while the current name was adopted three years later.

Old symbol

Louisville Bats symbol
The original Louisville Bats logo, which was unveiled shortly after the team was renamed, featured a purple and black bat with the word “Bats” on the forefront. Or, you could also describe this logo as the word “Bats” with wings, ears, and a tail.

The 2016 emblem

Louisville Bats emblem
Now, the logo features two bats at once: the animal is holding a baseball bat in its paws. With the addition of red, the color palette has become more vivid. On the background, there’s a white baseball with red seams. The design is placed inside a navy blue ring featuring the name of the team.


Louisville Bats baseball logo
The three main colors of the Louisville Bats logo are red, dark blue, and grey, while white was left for the background.