Burlington Bees Logo

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Burlington Bees Logo
The Burlington Bees are a Minor League Baseball team playing at the Class A level.

Meaning and History logo

Burlington Bees Logo history

The history of the team roots back to 1889. Originally, it played under the name of the Burlington Babies, while the name the Burlington Bees was first used in 1924.

Symbol in 1993-2006

Burlington Bees Symbol
The original Burlington Bees logo featured a character that was a combination of a baseball player and a bee. The creature was holding a baseball bat, while there was the text “BEES” next to it in yellow.

The 2007 emblem

Burlington Bees Emblem
While the updated logo also sports an anthropomorphized bee, it looks very different. The bee has modified its posture and moved below the logo. The word “Bees” is now given in an artistic script.


Burlington Bees Logo
The current Burlington Bees logo features darker and more refined shades of blue and yellow than the old one.