Las Vegas 51s Logo

Las Vegas 51s LogoLas Vegas 51s Logo PNG

The head seen on the logo of the baseball team the Las Vegas 51s belongs to one of the extraterrestrial creatures allegedly living not far from the team’s hometown.

Meaning and history

Las Vegas 51s Logo

The Las Vegas 51s trace their roots to 1919. From 1983 to 2000, they were an affiliate of the San Diego Padres, while the affiliation with the New York Mets started in 2013.

Las Vegas 51s logo

Symbol origin

Las Vegas 51s Symbol

Being located in Las Vegas, the team received its current nickname from the Area 51 situated less than 100 miles north of its home city. Some UFO believers suppose that aliens, who crashed landed in the desert, inhabit Area 51 and that it’s also one of the places where the American government stores spaceships.


Las Vegas 51s Emblem

The brand identity plays with this legend. The Las Vegas 51s logo features the head of a grey alien with baseball stitching on it. The head is placed over the blue figure “5” from the name of the team. The large blue number “51” has a grey outline. The text “Las Vegas” in smaller letters is placed above.


Las Vegas 51s baseball logo

Grey seems the most natural part of the Las Vegas 51s logo as it is used to depict the legendary grey alien. Paired with white and a dark and saturated shade of blue, it helps to create a noble and distinctive design.

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