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The Fort Wayne TinCaps belong to the Midwest League and are the Class-A affiliates of the San Diego Padres. While the history of the baseball franchise dates back to 1947, it received its current name and brand identity only in 2009. Initially, the team was based in Mattoon, Illinois, while it relocated to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1993.

Meaning and history

Fort Wayne Tincaps Logo history

1993 — 2004

Fort Wayne TinCaps Logo 1993

2005 — 2008

Fort Wayne TinCaps Logo 2005

2009 — Today

Fort Wayne TinCaps logo

The centerpiece of the Fort Wayne TinCaps logo is an angry red apple wearing a silver cooking pot instead of a hat. The words “Tin” and “caps” in a grey script are placed to the left and to the right respectively.

Cap emblem

Fort Wayne TinCaps emblem

On their caps, the players wear the same angry red apple as on the primary logo but without the script.


Fort Wayne TinCaps Logo

The five-color palette includes forest green, red, tin, black, and white.