Rome Braves Logo

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The logo of the Minor League Baseball team the Rome Braves clearly reflects the connection with the Atlanta Braves, its parent team from the Major League.

Meaning and history

Rome Braves Logo history

The history of the Rome Braves officially started in 2003, when the Macon Braves franchise relocated to Rome, Georgia. Today, the team plays in the Class A South Atlantic League.

Rome Braves logo

Primary symbol

Rome Braves symbole

Anyone who remembers the logo of the Atlanta Braves will instantly recognize the red hammer on the Rome Braves logo. The script in which the team name is given also copies that of the Atlanta Braves. However, there’s no way you can confuse the two emblems as the Rome team’s logo features a distinctive column inspired by ancient Roman architecture.

Cap emblem

Rome Braves emblem

The same column can be seen on the cap insignia, too, where it’s depicted together with a large baseball flying around it.