Lake Elsinore Storm Logo

Lake Elsinore Storm Logo

Everybody who would like to trace the Lake Elsinore Storm’s history should begin with the Redwood Pioneers who operated from 1980 to 1985, then go on with the Palm Springs Angels who were active from 1986 to 1993. In 1994 the baseball team relocated from Palm Springs to Lake Elsinore, California, to become the Lake Elsinore Storm, CAL.

Logo History

Lake Elsinore Storm Logo history

When it came to choosing a nickname, of all the potential ideas “Storm” was selected for its intimidating character. The team’s original logo looks in full accordance with the name.

It features a personified dark gray thundercloud with hostile eyes. There is a lightning bolt striking down the middle. The wording includes the “STORM” with a wind design in white outlined in black, red and white, “Lake Elsinore” above to the left and “Professional baseball team” underneath, both in white. The whole logo is bordered in gray, red and black.

Lake Elsinore Storm Logo baseball

By 2002 the Storm had switched to red, black and white colors, which is reflected in the color palette of their present logo. The name “Storm” written in black and outlined in red is positioned above a pair of “Storm eyes”, even more intimidating than in the previous mark. The writing is very intricate and looks like a Chinese font.