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Knox Automobile was an American company specializing in the production of vehicles, including cars and commercial trucks. It was founded in 1900 by Harry A. Knox. Based in Springfield, Massachusetts, the company was an early entrant in the automotive market and became known for its “Old Porcupine” air-cooled engines. Knox Automobile ceased its operations in 1924, leaving behind a legacy as one of the pioneers in the American automotive industry.

Meaning and history

Knox Automobile Logo

Founded in 1900 by Harry A. Knox, Knox Automobile was an American automaker headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts. The company made its mark in the early 20th-century automotive landscape by producing cars, trucks, and fire engines. One of its most notable features was the unique “Old Porcupine” air-cooled engine, which distinguished it from many competitors that used water-cooled engines. Knox also experimented with various types of vehicles, from runabouts and roadsters to commercial trucks and even tractors. In terms of achievements, Knox vehicles were recognized for their robust construction and durability, often utilized in strenuous tasks like firefighting and freight hauling. Sadly, despite its innovations and contributions, the company struggled to keep up with the evolving automobile market and closed its doors in 1924. As of today, Knox Automobile remains an important chapter in the history of American automaking, with surviving models cherished as classic automobiles.

What is Knox Automobile?
Knox Automobile was an American company that specialized in the manufacture of cars and commercial vehicles. Founded in 1900 by Harry A. Knox, the company was based in Springfield, Massachusetts. The company ceased operations in 1924 but is remembered for its contributions to the early automotive industry in the United States.