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Panoz, an American manufacturer of high-performance automobiles. The company, owned by the Panoz family, is renowned for its involvement in the motorsports industry. Based in Braselton, Georgia, Panoz operates mainly in the United States, where it has gained prominence for its distinctive sports cars and racing vehicles. This geographic focus has played a significant role in the company’s brand identity and market presence.

Meaning and history

In 1989, Don Panoz established Panoz LLC, instantly defining the American performance car sector with the iconic Roadster. This vehicle signified a new era of U.S. automotive ingenuity.

Panoz didn’t limit its ambition to the public roads; it swiftly entered the racing scene. The Esperante GTR-1, Panoz’s brainchild, became a legend in endurance racing circuits and led to the birth of the American Le Mans Series.

As the millennium turned, Panoz didn’t rest on its laurels, introducing the sleek Esperante GTLM. Yet, the track remained its true calling. The DeltaWing project in 2012 reinvented racing aesthetics and function.

Ownership of Panoz has stayed within the family, a testament to the founder’s enduring influence. Briefly flirting with electric vehicle tech, Panoz’s essence remains with performance vehicles.

Presently, Panoz specializes in rare, meticulously-crafted machines. These cars are more than vehicles; they’re a legacy of racing passion and American engineering excellence. Panoz continues to stand out in the automotive world, forever innovating, forever racing.


Panoz Logo

The logo is a stylized shield emblem, incorporating a fluid, modern design. At the center, the word “Panoz” is written in a flowing, cursive script that exudes a sense of speed and elegance. The shield is divided into three segments with curved lines that evoke a sense of motion. The top segment is colored a vibrant blue, symbolizing trust and dependability.

Below this, on the left side, is a green clover-like figure with four leaves, possibly representing luck, growth, or a connection to nature. The right side of the shield features a bold red curve, suggesting passion and energy. The background of the shield is a neutral gray, providing a sleek and professional backdrop that allows the colors to stand out prominently.

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