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Tutflix is the name of one of the world’s most popular online educational portals, which offers a wide range of free courses and classes. Here people from different countries can find the program on almost any topic, of any duration, and without paying anything at all.

Meaning and history

Tutflix is not just the database or catalog of courses, but it’s a huge community, where you learn not only from what you read or watch but also from discussing it with people, who are interested in the same subjects as you. You can also get assistance on any questions about the portal or the studies, the Tutflix support service is fast and reliable.

This is one of the platforms, which can be used by people of all ages and for all educations needs the student find extra materials on what they study at school or in the university, while the older people can start a subject, which is completely new for them, as Tutflix.org can provide materials for all stages, “from scratch” to advanced.

The service is available through the website, and a mobile application, which was created for both Android and macOS operating systems, has a simple and easy-to-use interface and offers all the same content as the full Tutflix version.

What is Tutflix?
Tutflix is an online learning platform, which offers a wide range of free educational materials and courses. The website has a large collection of learning materials in different formats — from videos to lectures and articles. The materials on Tutflix are available in different languages, which makes it possible for people from all over the world to use all the benefits of the platform.

Tutflix Logo

Tutflix Logo

As for the visual identity, Tutflix does not experiment much. The emblem is strict and simple but has everything needed to represent the purpose of the portal and its professionalism.

The Tutflix logo is composed of a modest graphical emblem followed by bold lettering in two colors. The emblem depicts a Square academic cap, drawn in black contours and some additional black strokes which add volume and make the image look more realistic.

The graduation cap image is followed by the uppercase logotype in a bold stencil sans-serif typeface, with the letter cut straight and confident. The first, “Tut”, part of the inscription is set in solid black and has its thin white cuts between the fragments slightly visible. As for the “Flix”, which is set with no extra space from the first part, it is executed in white and contoured in purple. With this color scheme, the stencil structure of the letters is more visible.

The black, white, and purple color palette of the Tutflix logo reflects professionalism and trustworthiness. Black here also stands for confidence and reliability, and white — for loyalty and transparency. Purple color is a commonly known symbol of wisdom and creativity, which is an essential part of any educational process.

Font and color

The Tutflix visual identity is based on a square solid logotype in the uppercase, with the bold massive sans-serif letters set in one style, but with the first part in stencil font, and the second — is contoured. The stencil part of the inscription looks like Glaser Stencil Standard type, while the outlined one is close to Danken Regular Stroke.

As for the color palette of the Tutflix visual identity, it is based on a combination of black and purple, with the background in white. Black is here as a symbol of reliability and quality of the content, while purple stands for imagination, development, and wisdom.