Myspace Logo

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Myspace Logo
Myspace is the name of a social network, created in 2003 in the United States. It was the most celebrated and attended social network site in America before the launch of Facebook. Myspace is a part of Meredith Corporation since 2018.

Meaning and history

Myspace Logo history

MySpace visual identity has an interesting history. The first version was designed in 2003 and stayed with the social network for only one year. It was the most colorful Myspace logo, consisting of a gray lowercase lettering and a yellow with the gray abstract rounded human figure with two arrows around it.
In 2004 the company creates a new design, which became a basis for the logo we know today. The lowercase wordmark in a rounded sans-serif typeface was accompanied by an emblem, depicting three human figures, placed from the smallest to the biggest, from left to right. The monochrome logo was complemented by “a place for friends” tagline.
In 2010 the brand goes more creative and designs a new logo, where the word “space” is replaced by a horizontally located square bracket. In some of the versions the free space was filled by graphics, in others, the word “space” was written in a bracket.
Myspace Logo
In 2012 the social network decides to come back to the logo version of 2004, modernizing and refining it. The typeface of all the lowercase lettering is now more solid and geometric, and the contours of three figures are more neat and clear.