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Jidu is an innovative automaker focused on electric and autonomous vehicles, a brainchild of tech giant Baidu and Geely, China’s leading automotive company. Established in China, it aims to reinvent mobility solutions by leveraging advanced AI technologies. With a strong foothold in the Chinese market, Jidu seeks to usher in a new era of intelligent transportation.

Meaning and history

Jidu Logo

Jidu, founded in 2021, represents a strategic collaboration between Baidu, a major Chinese tech conglomerate, and Geely, a foremost automotive enterprise in China. This venture strives to shape the future of transportation by producing state-of-the-art electric and autonomous vehicles. Among their notable achievements, Jidu has successfully combined Geely’s automotive expertise with Baidu’s AI prowess to present groundbreaking mobility innovations. As of now, the company is making significant strides in establishing itself as a formidable player in the automotive arena, with plans to roll out cutting-edge vehicles that represent the next phase of transportation evolution.

What is Jidu?
Jidu is a Chinese automaker established in 2021, a collaboration between tech company Baidu and automotive leader Geely. Specializing in electric and autonomous vehicles, they aim to redefine modern transportation through innovative solutions.