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Durant Motors Inc., a now-defunct American automotive company, was founded by former General Motors CEO, William “Billy” Durant, in 1921. They specialized in the manufacture and assembly of automobiles. Based out of New Jersey, Durant Motors expanded across the U.S, Canada, and internationally. The company ceased operations in 1933 due to financial struggles during the Great Depression.

Meaning and history

Durant Motors was established by ex-GM boss William Durant in 1921, with a vision to create a range of automobiles for every market segment. Throughout its operational years, Durant manufactured cars under multiple brand names including Durant, Flint, and Star, along with Locomobile, an upscale marque. Despite its initial success, Durant Motors couldn’t withstand the financial pressures of the Great Depression, leading to its closure in 1933. The brand remains an integral part of American automotive history.

What is Durant Motors?
Durant Motors was an American automobile manufacturer founded by former General Motors CEO, William Durant, in 1921. Despite initial success, the company ceased operations in 1933 amidst the Great Depression.

Durant Motors Logo

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