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Irizar is the name of a Spanish automaking company, which was established in 1889 and today is well known across the globe as a manufacturer of buses. The company is considered to be one of the leaders in the luxury-bus segment and provides with its bodies other large brands, such as Volvo and Mercedes.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the bus manufacturer from San Sebastián was redesigned just once in the era for the brand, keeping the style and symbols of the previous version, the today’s logo of Irizar looks stronger and more modern, though very modest, which makes the whole composition elegant and timeless.

The Irizar logo is composed of an emblem, placed on the left from the lettering. While the lettering can more often be seen on the Brand’s luxury buses, the emblem is usually used for advertising and printable materials.

The emblem of the bus manufacturer from Basque Country featured a stylized letter “I” in the liver case, drawn as a figure of the man (stick and dot) on the seat of the bus: the symbol is enclosed into a thick rounded frame and looks very simple yet brilliantly reflects the purpose of the company. Placed on its right; the logotype features its first letter “I” capitalized, which balanced the one from the emblem and does not overload the whole composition with extra dots.

The previous version of the company’s badge has the same structure, though its emblem was executed in white and gray and placed on a solid red circle, while the lettering was written in black bold sans-serif typeface with straight lines and distinct cuts. Its italicized letters were all capitalized.

Font and color

Irizar logo

The Irizar logotype written in a title case of a bold and modern sans-serif typeface with a slight slant of its sleek smooth letters is executed in a font which is pretty close to Neuropa Bold and Good Timing Semi Bold but with some lines modified. The bold and soft lines of the inscription evoke a comfy feeling and represent the company as a reliable and serious one.

The modest silver color palette of the Irizar emblem makes the modern and bold emblem timeless and always actual. Looking fresh and eye-catching, the badge in its color scheme represents the professionalism and stability of the company, showing its huge experience and a perfect reputation in the world’s automaking market.

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