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Ioniq is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group, a South Korean multinational conglomerate. Specializing in electric and hybrid vehicles, Ioniq has rapidly positioned itself at the forefront of sustainable mobility. The brand operates globally, with major markets in Asia, North America, and Europe. By focusing on innovative electric solutions, Ioniq seeks to redefine the future of transportation.

Meaning and history

Ioniq Logo history

Founded by the Hyundai Motor Group, Ioniq was established in 2020 to concentrate on electric and hybrid vehicles. Throughout its short history, the brand has introduced cutting-edge models, gaining significant traction in the EV market. Some of its notable achievements include releasing a range of EVs that cater to various consumer needs and establishing itself as a prominent player in sustainable mobility. As of now, Ioniq continues its endeavors in shaping a greener future, reaffirming its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

What is Ioniq?
Ioniq is a brand under Hyundai Motor Group, focusing on electric and hybrid vehicles. Established in 2020, it aims to spearhead sustainable mobility and innovation in the automotive industry.

2016 – 2020

Ioniq Logo 2016

The first logo of the company is done in a very minimalistic and modern style. It uses all uppercase characters that are widely spaced apart. Together with the black color, these features create an image of a determined, well-established, and powerful brand. The designers used a sans-serif font with clean, straight strokes that resemble Relato Sans Medium but with the letters “O” and “Q” being a perfect circle and wide spacing between the letters.

2020 – now

Ioniq Logo

This version is very similar to the earlier one as it features a font that closely resembles the one used in the original logo. In addition, this logo also has only the name of the brand with no decorations or other elements. The font now looked more like Telegrafico font. Besides slightly modifying the font, the designers gave the logo a more unique touch by replacing the traditional, although powerful, black color. Now, the logo featured a light, sky-blue, which added a feeling of reliability and trustworthiness.