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INEOS Automotive is a venture established by INEOS, a multinational chemicals company. Spearheaded by Sir Jim Ratcliffe, INEOS Automotive was created to design and manufacture reliable, durable vehicles for off-road and utilitarian use. Its flagship product, the INEOS Grenadier, exemplifies this vision, aimed at filling the gap in the market for robust, high-performance 4X4 vehicles. The Grenadier project reflects INEOS’s expansion into the automotive industry, combining its industrial expertise with a passion for adventure and practical vehicle design.

Meaning and history

Founded in 2016, Ineos Automotive Limited embarked on producing the Ineos Grenadier, an off-roader styled after the discontinued Land Rover Defender and equipped with BMW engines. The company collaborated with Magna International for the vehicle’s development.

In 2020, Ineos purchased the Smart factory in Hambach, France, from Mercedes-Benz AG, continuing Smart production until the end of its current model cycle.

In 2023, Ineos introduced the Grenadier Quartermaster pickup, expanding its automotive range.

What is INEOS Automotive?
INEOS Automotive, a branch of the INEOS group, represents the company’s foray into the automotive industry. INEOS Automotive stands out for crafting the Grenadier, a rugged off-road vehicle that melds classic toughness with contemporary BMW engine technology.  This venture signifies INEOS’s expansion beyond its chemical roots, showcasing its versatility and innovation in addressing new market segments.

2016 – Today

INEOS logo

The INEOS logo combines a non-bold “IN” with a bold “EOS,” all in capital letters in navy blue. The text is modern, sans-serif, and set against a white background. A stylized, incomplete oval encircles the text, interrupted at the top, which adds a dynamic element to the otherwise minimalistic design. This logo embodies a sense of balance between approachability and professionalism.