Lexington Legends Logo

Lexington Legends Logo

Although the Lexington Legends logo has gone through an update in 2012, the main hero remained the same – it’s the team’s mascot, a mustachioed baseball player nicknamed “Big L.”

Meaning and history

Lexington Legends Logo history

The history of the team started in 2001. The Minor League Baseball franchise competes in the South Atlantic League and has the status of the Class A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals.

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Old symbol

Lexington Legends symbol

The earliest Lexington Legends logo featured the word “Legends” in a serif type in blue with Big L depicted above the letters “N” and “D.”

Current emblem

Lexington Legends Emblem

The version adopted in 2013 replaces the serif font with a green script, moves Big L to the left, and makes him bigger in comparison with the lettering.


Lexington Legends Logo old

On the 2013 emblem, the color scheme has been simplified. It now comprises blue, green, and white.