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Indian car brands

India has got a large automobile market. Its automotive industry is 5th in the world. Carmakers in India produce various vehicles from affordable and luxury cars to trucks and buses. Indian vehicles are generally made on basis of parts from China and Japan. The government supports local producers with smaller taxes than those on foreign manufacturers. It helped many Indian companies to develop into multinationals.


Premier logo

Premier Ltd. is an automotive manufacturer based in Mumbai, India. They produce mainly affordable cars and trucks. Premier is widely known for its four-seat car Premier Padmini. It was the top-sold vehicle in Indian automotive segment during all 1970s and 80s. The company’s logo depicts a blue oval with ‘P’ character inside it. Below it, there is the capitalized sans serif name.

Tata Motors

logo Tata MotorsTata Motors is an Indian multinational corporation. It is focused on production of a variety of vehicles. These are passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses. The company was established in 1945 and now it’s located in Mumbai, India. Its logo shows us the company’s name, written in two blue sans-serif fonts. ‘Tata’ word has a bold type with custom ‘A’ letters. The word ‘Motors’ got a condensed type.

TVS Motor

logo TVS Motor

TVS Motor is an international automotive corporation. It’s headquartered in Chennai, India. TVS Motor is a manufacturer of motorcycles, scooters and three-wheel cars. Their logo is the inscription ‘TVS’. Its typeface consists of strong-styled sans serif letter of blue color. Right side from it, we can see the emblem of the brand, which is a running red horse.

Ashok Leyland Limited

logo Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland is an Indian multinational company. It produces commercial vehicles, trucks and buses. Their main office is located in Chennai, India, and the company was founded in 1948. The brand’s logo depicts the name in a blue sans-serif typeface with a slightly futuristic style. Above it, there is a funnel-like emblem, in the center of which is an elegant serif ‘L’ letter. The whole emblem is put in a blue circle.

Force Motors

logo Force Motors
Force Motors is an international automotive manufacturer. It is based in the city of Pune and founded in 1958. The company focuses on production and distribution of different cars, tractors and vans. The company logo is a blue circle with a unique letter ‘F’ inside, placed above enlarged ‘Force’ word of blue color as well. Below it all, we can see the word ‘Motors’, bordered from the whole logo by a black line. The word has a black sans-serif font with large gaps between letters.

Hindustan Motors

logo Hindustan Motors

Hindustan is an automotive manufacturer from India, based in Kolkata, West Bengal. They are focused on making affordable and compact cars. For some time the company was the largest car maker in India. The company logo depicts a bright blue rectangle on which are shown three white lines and two yellow arrows. They are placed so that together they all form the monogram ‘HM’. Under it all, there is a company’s full name of a blue office-like font.

Mahindra & Mahindra

Logo Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra is a multinational carmaker from Mumbai, India. They produce commercial vehicles, motorcycles, simple automobiles for ordinary citizens. Also, in the list of their products is the stuff for needs of army, farmers, aerospace industry, etc. Their logo is just their name. It is executed in a red futuristic typeface. Below it, they for some reason wrote the word ‘rise’ in gray font.

Maruti Suzuki India

logo Maruti Suzuki India

Maruti Suzuki an Indian car manufacturer. Maruti is based in New Delhi and now owned by a Japanese automaker Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki shares half of whole Indian passenger car segment. Their logo depicts the emblem of Japanese parent. It is placed left side from the blue-colored lettering ‘Maruti Suzuki’. It had a basic sans-serif font.

San Storm

logo San Storm
San Storm is a two-seat roadster. It’s been in production by Indian company San Motors between 1998 and 2013. It was one of the most successful cars of San Motors. The car was powered by an 1149 cc D7F engine from Renault. The San Motors logo depicts the sky-blue company name of an angular type. It’s placed below the SM abbreviation.

Tara International

logo Tara International
Tara is a car company from Mumbai, India. It’s focused on the production of battery electric cars, bicycles, and also non-electric buses and commercial cars. The company is now focused on changing of existing petrol and diesel engines on electric motors and batteries in most of its cars. Their logo depicts the name in a simple gray font. Below it, there is their orange-colored slogan – ‘Touching the global edge’. The distinctive feature of this logo is the first ‘T’ character, which has the 3D futuristic style.

Bajaj Auto Limited

logo Bajaj

Bajaj Auto is a multinational company, based in the city of Pune, India, founded in 1945. In the list of its products there are various motorcycles, scooters, three-wheelers. Also, in the latest developments of the company are quadricycles. The Bajaj logo depicts the name, executed in a dark blue futuristic font. A curious feature in the typeface are little cuts in the letters ‘B’ and ‘A’. Above it, there is a dark blue emblem of the company.

Eicher Goodearth Limited

logo Eicher

Eicher Goodearth is an Indian vehicle making company. Its specialization is production of motorcycles, commercial cars, trucks as well as school and city buses. The company is located in New Delhi, India, and it was founded in 1948. Their logo shows us a white horse. It is placed above a red figure that distinguishes it from white background and shows it running. Right side from the horse, we can see the red name of a very bold sans-serif font.

Swaraj Mazda

logo Swaraj Mazda
SML Izuzu, formerly known as Swaraj Mazda, is a manufacturer of commercial cars, buses, trucks. There are also ambulances, police cars and other special vehicles in their production. It was established in 1983, is now located in Chandigarh, India. Their corporate logotype is just their name. It has a white typeface with a lowercase futuristic style. It is written on a solid red background.

Vazirani Automotive

logo Vazirani Automotive
Vazirani Automotive is a large Indian company. It designs, develops and produces sports cars and components for them. Its cars are made on basis of electric motors and batteries. The Vazirani logo depicts the 3D letter ‘V’. Its one side is black with a yellow segment, and the other side is fully yellow. The letter is placed onto the black background.

Reva electric car

Logo Reva

Reva Electric Car is India’s oldest electric car manufacturer. The company was established by the Indian Maini Group and American AEV at the beginning of the 1990s. Reva is an electric car that started to be sold as one of the first in its class in the world. It is also one of the oldest electric vehicles in India. The company’s first models saw the light of day in 1994. The visual identity of the brand is based on a stylized orange logotype, set in a custom smooth sans-serif typeface with the glyphs slightly slanted to the right, and representing movement and speed.