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MG is a UK company, famous for designing and production of sports cars. It was established in 1924 by William Morris. Since 2007, the brand is owned by SAIC, which is one of the largest automobile corporations in China.

Meaning and history

The name of the brand, MG, is derived from the company’s founder’s first business — Morris Garage. The company boasts a rich history, and its visual identity is a reflection of a timeless and elegant approach to vehicle design and manufacturing.

1924 – 1927

MG Logo-1924
The initial MG badge was different from all the following emblems, created for the automaker throughout its history. The first logo featured a circular shape in two shades of blue, with a classic silver and red crest in the center and two lines of lettering around the crest. The middle lettering, “Morris Oxford”, was written in the uppercase of an elegant and confident sans-serif typeface, while the outer wordmark was set in the title case of a traditional serif font.

1927 – 1952

MG Logo-1927
The redesign of 1927 introduced a completely new concept of the MG logo. It was a brown and gold octagon with an “MG” monogram in the middle. The letters featured bars of the same thickness and space as the octagonal framing. They were also set in one shade of brown, a soft and light one, which looked sleek and elegant on a gradient gold background of the geometric badge.

1952 – 1962

MG Logo-1952
All colors and gradients were gone in 1952. This is when MG went minimalist and started using its iconic angular badge in a black-and-white color palette. Flat shapes, sharp corners, and timeless color scheme made the logo look ultramodern and progressive. It also evoked a sense of professionalism and power of the famous automaker.

1962 – 1990

MG Logo-1962
The redesign of 1962 made the badge more complicated and elegant. The octagon switched its color palette to silver and red, became matte and gradient, adding volume to the whole logo. Now it was placed on a glossy solid black crest with a wide flat top part. The crest featured a double white and black outline, which made it possible to place it on any background or bonnet without losing its recognizability and individuality.

1990 – 2010

MG Logo-1990
In 1990 the crest was gone from the logo, and the octagon remained the only geometric figure of the MG badge again. Though this time it became smoother and thicker, gaining come slightly arched lines and a new color palette. The badge resembled the color scheme of the logo from 1927, brown and gold, but both shades were elevated. Also, the letters and framing gained a thin silver outline and a gold background — horizontally striped pattern. The whole badge got glossy gradients and started looking sleek and fancy.

2010 – 2021

MG Logo 2010
The shape of the previous logo remained untouched, while the color palette changed completely — now it was a three-dimensional frame with letters in glossy gradient silver, placed on a white background and accompanied by a modern black logotype in a custom font placed under the emblem.

2021 – Today

MG logo
The redesign of 2021 simplifies and brightens up the iconic MG logo. The shape and style haven’t changed, but the design of the badge got flat and two-dimensional again. Clean hold lines got their color changed from silver to classic red, which made the whole insignia look more modern and fresh, and started evoking a sense of power and motion, which the previous badges were lacking. The strong contrast between scarlet-red of the letters and framing and the white background makes the logo eye-catching and memorable and allows the badge to be placed on absolutely any surface.

Font and color

The Morris Garages logotype from the 2010 visual identity of the brand is written in the uppercase of a widened custom typeface with medium-thick bars and slightly softened ends of the lines. The font was designed exclusively for the brand but is based on one of the following typefaces: Stereo Gothic 700, Organetto Bold, or Ateros Regular.

The simple yet sophisticated and sleek color palette of the MG logo, composed of silver, black and white, is a reflection of timeless values, quality, and style. It also shows the fundamental approach of the automaker to production and creating the models of the iconic cars.