MG Logo

MG Logo

MG is a UK company, famous for designing and production of sports cars. It was established in 1924 by William Morris. Since 2007, the brand is owned by SAIC, which is one of the largest automobile corporations in China.

Meaning and history

MG Logo history

The name of the brand, MG, is derived from the company’s founder’s first business — Morris Garage. The company boasts a rich history, and its visual identity is a reflection of a timeless and elegant approach to vehicle design and manufacturing.

The MG logo is composed of an emblem with the brand name inside. The MG lettering is executed in a bold traditional typeface with strict straight lines and sharp angles, which are accompanied by the frame’s octagon shape.

MG Logo

There are few options for the color palette, which brand uses in its logo. The most popular one is a combination of burgundy and gold, where the golden background of the emblem features a darker tone stripe, and the burgundy lettering and framing — silver outline. This color scheme makes the emblem look three-dimensional and extremely elegant. It looks chic and luxurious, being simple at the same time.

In the print versions, the brand’s logo featured a monochrome palette, which looks strong and confident. Sometimes MG logo is drawn in silver on a white or red background. In this version the lettering and octagon frame gain even more volume and look bolder and more powerful.