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Eicher is the name of an Indian automaking brand, which was established in 1948 with the idea of production motorcycles and large cars, suitable for commercial use. A little later, the company started manufacturing trucks in collaboration with Volvo, the most reputable Swedish automotive company.

Meaning and history

Eicher is the brand, which represents the Swedish approach to production, its stability, and seriousness. Everything, starting the stuffing of the Eicher vehicles and finishing with the brand’s visual identity literally screams quality and professionalism.

The Eicher logo was designed in 1948 and hasn’t changed at all by today. There was only a slight refinement of the logotype, which can be placed whether in the right or under the bright and strong emblem of the Swedish automaking brand.

The logo of the Eicher Motors is composed of a white and red emblem, where the white profile of the horse, facing left, is placed on a red horizontally oriented oval with the left part solid, and the right — with a striped red and white horizontal pattern, symbolizing motion and speed: the logo looks simple yet powerful and dynamic, representing freedom and energy of the brand and strength of its vehicles.

As for the logotype, it is written in the uppercase of an ExtraBold sans-serif typeface and can be seen in two variants — straight lines in light gray, and italicized style in the same scarlet-red, as details of the horse-medallion. Both inscriptions use one style of the sans-serif but look different due to the inclination and color changes.

Font and color

Eicher logo

The Eicher logotype in all capitals is written in a bold and strong sans-serif typeface with clean straight lines and distinct square cuts of the letters. The typeface of the brand’s identity is very close to such fonts as Tough Stuff JNL and Geométrica Extra Black. As for the italicized version, it looks similar to Futura BT Pro Extra Black Italic.

The red and white color palette of the Eicher visual identity is a reflection of passion, power, and valor, and when used with the light gray logotype, the emblem also represents stability and fundamental approach of the brand, accenting on such qualities as responsibility, loyalty, and stability, along with the protection and safety for the customers.