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Located in Reno, Nevada, the Minor League Baseball team Reno Aces plays in the Pacific Coast League and is affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Meaning and history

Reno Aces Logo history

The team was established under the name of the Tucson Toros, then played as the Tucson Sidewinders from 1998 to 2008. The current brand identity was introduced in 2009.

Reno Aces logo

Primary symbol

Reno Aces symbol

The focal points of the Reno Aces logo are a script “A” in the word “Aces” and a baseball, over which the “A” is placed. The letter is dark blue with white trim, while the ball is white with a dark blue outline and red seams. The script used for the word “Aces” creates a dramatic contrast with the word “Reno” above, which is given in a simple sans serif font. Even the fact that the lettering “Reno” is italicized doesn’t help to create a visual link between the two parts of the team’s name.

Secondary emblem

Reno Aces emblem

The alternative logo has been probably inspired by playing cards. Here, a capital “A” is placed over the symbol of clubs, which, in its turn, is positioned over two crisscrossed baseball bats. The design is placed inside a light grey rhombus.


Reno Aces baseball logo

The four-color palette comprises dark blue, red, a noble shade of silver, and white for the background.

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