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Since 1996, the logo of the Auburn Doubledays has gone through only one subtle update, which aligned it with the parent team’s brand identity.

Meaning and history

Auburn Doubledays Logo history

The Auburn Doubledays adopted their current name upon moving to a new ballpark in 1996, while the history of the team in the New York–Penn League actually started in 1958.

Auburn Doubledays logo

Primary symbol

Auburn Doubledays symbol

The old Auburn Doubledays logo looked almost the same as the current one, except for the color scheme, which comprised an aqua or a teal and yellow. It featured the name of the team with a baseball player on the top.

As the team became a Washington Nationals affiliate in 2011, it adopted a different color scheme, where navy blue was complemented by scarlet.

Alternative emblem

Auburn Doubledays Emblem

Although the main emblem has stayed the same apart from the colors since the 1990s, the franchise developed an additional logo in 2007. It features a large A “wearing” a Civil War cap and a mustache.


auburn doubledays baseball logo

The current color scheme was inspired by that of the parent team’s logo.

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