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The Pawtucket Red Sox played their first official game in 1970. Today, the team is the Triple-A affiliate of the Major League Baseball club Boston Red Sox.

Meaning and history

Pawtucket Red Sox Logo history

While the old logo of the Minor League Baseball club Pawtucket Red Sox merely borrowed the visual core from the Boston Red Sox emblem, the current logo uses it as an inspiration to create an entirely different design.

1990 — 2014

Pawtucket Red Sox Logo 1990The Pawtucket Red Sox logo introduced in 1990 took the pair of socks and the roundel shape from the Boston Red Sox logo. They only changed the name of the team and modified the typeface. While clearly stating the connection between the two teams, this emblem lacked its own style, mood, and recognizability – the problems perfectly solved in the team’s next logo.

2015 — Today

Pawtucket Red Sox logo

In advance of the 2015/2016 playing season, the club unveiled a logotype, where a big bear was featured with torn red socks on his fists. The bear’s cap, expression, and gestures revealed that he was a sports fan or a player celebrating a victory or, at least, an exceptionally successful move.


Pawtucket Red Sox baseball logo

The bear on the Pawtucket Red Sox logo is white and grey with a navy blue outline. Red is also very prominent, while light blue has been reserved only for a couple of minor details.