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Grey Goose is a premium brand vodka, produced in France since 1997. In 2004 it’s founder, Sydney Frank, sold it to Bacardi group for $2 billion.

Grey Goose was created mainly for the USA market, but in 1998 got a title of World’s best tasting vodka. The core product is complimented by a range of flavored options.

Meaning and history

Grey Goose Logo history

Before 2013

Grey Goose Logo before 2013
The wordmark was originally a collection of black serif letter similar in appearance to the later styles, except these letters have white outlines and black shading behind them. There’s also a white goose flying out of the first ‘o’.

2013 – 2019

Grey Goose Logo 2013
In 2013, they put the letters further apart, recolored them blue, turned the goose grey (and made it bigger) and added some stuff. Namely, there’s a thin word ‘Vodka’ written in blue below, followed by a bar of French national colors.

2019 – Today

Grey Goose logo

Sydney Frank named the brand Grey Goose as he used to sell French wine under the same name decades ago. Now it’s one of the most recognizable names on the beverage market.

In 2019 Grey Goose started the biggest redesign of the brands identity since its launch in 1997.

The iconic goose on the logo now is more of an icon rather than illustration, which makes the look more contemporary.

The new logo wordmark is executed in bolder, confident and striking sans serif with an art-deco touch, and there are no more layered shadows. This new typeface makes the logo sound more optimistic.

Color scheme remained the same – intense blue and white, but with a set of unexpectedly bright secondary colors and patterns.

The new Grey Goose identity is a result of 11-year partnership with Ragged Edge, based in London.