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Beluga is a brand of russian vodka, established in 1900 and considered the nation wide leader in the industry. One of the most popular vodka brands in the world’s premium alcohol beverage sector.

Meaning and history

Beluga Logo

Brand’s name, Beluga, was inspired by European caviar houses and the most expensive caviar in the world – beluga caviar. Beluga fish itself is the symbol of luxury and prosperity.

The Beluga logo reflects the meaning of the brand’s name. With it’s bold wordmark, executed in black with a touch of gold, and an emblem of the beluga fish it displays the luxury of russian noble heritage and the purity of the vodka.

The typeface and a strict fish symbol make the Beluga logo look solid and speak for the high quality of the product.

The metal small fish on the badge of the bottle is fitted by hand. This way Beluga shows the importance of every client for the brand.

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