Great Lakes Loons Logo

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Great Lakes Loons LogoThe Great Lakes Loons are the Low Class-A affiliate of the Major League Baseball franchise the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Meaning and History logo

Great Lakes Loons Logo history

The franchise was established in Springfield, Illinois, in 1982. It’s gone through several names, including the Battle Creek Golden Kazoos, before adopting the current one in 2007 upon relocating to Midland.

Old symbol

Great Lakes Loons symbol
The loon on the original symbol was facing to the right. Below its head, there was the lettering “Loons” in a red script.

The 2016 emblem

Great Lakes Loons emblem
The current Great Lakes Loons logo was developed by Brandiose. While the loon remains the main element of the emblem, it’s now more refined and realistic. The bird facing to the left has a menacing look. On the background, there’re firs and stars.


Great Lakes Loons Logo
The brightest colors are Kelly green and red, while black, grey, and white are used as secondary colors.